P.SYS building monitoring with WebGL

I worked with P.SYS Engineering [www.psysengineering.com] to build a concept demo of a web application to monitor a building loaded with safety sensors made by P.SYS.

A computer generated single floor of a hotel is shown. One of the rooms is highlighted in red, indicating a problem.
Click the image to launch the P.SYS building monitor demo.

In the demo you can click on parts of the building to see more detail. Click elsewhere to see less detail. A part flashing red indicates something wrong in that part of the building. Click and drag to rotate and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Shoreline Studios Highlights

Shoreline Studios was a startup founded near the beginning of 1995 by Tim Heidmann (CEO) and me, Wade Olsen (Principal Scientist). I was responsible for all software engineering. The video below shows highlights of Shoreline Studios: FoxTrax hockey puck tracking system, Mr. Map for CBS elections coverage, ESPN’s PrePlay for football strategy analysis, ESPN’s VRX for the Summer and Winter X-games, GolfTrack, and Rocket Pad.

Video highlights of Shoreline Studios from 1996 through 1999.